Lauren Murphy, Jute Street


The hand shows you the way to the notorious Jute Street of Aberdeen. Enter if you dare. Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, I believe, was inspired by the walking dead that linger here. However, they would rather suck on a fag then your blood. It is fine during the day but please be cautious of the night. Both vampires and junkies share a fear for the light.


I’m guessing a guy called Finn used to live here. The police came and took down the banners of graffiti-love and this is all that remains. Every morning, when I wake up with my coffee and look out my window, this is what I see. R.I.P. Finn R.I.P. I always see people walking into that building and wonder, how do they get on with their lives. Every day they are faced with the reminder, that someone died here. It’s inscribed on their walls. Whenever, I look over to Finns first resting place I feel a sickness in my stomach. It starts at the pit and crawls up my body, while raising hairs up my neck. I feel sick. R.I.P Finn R.I.P. I repeat these words over and over until something lets me get on with my day. I know it is weird, I didn’t know this Finn, but something changed on the street the day he died. Aberdeen has always been grey but Jute Street is black and white now. Apparently, he was dead, alone, for five whole days. Did no one wonder where he was? He must have been loved as people have marked the house with his name. Making sure no one forgets that a real human being died here. All I know is that an incident happened here. Five years prior a man’s throat was slit in this flat over a ten pound bag of heroine. The realm of death curses this building. Two deaths in less than a decade, I just can’t quite comprehend. His friends, drunk, well I assume drunk, come and sit on this wall. I like to think they sit here and talk about memories with Finn. Then they leave needles and cider bouquets outside his window as a sign of respect. I always wonder how this one died. All I know is that something happened here. Then I try get on with my day. R.I.P Finn R.I.P.


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